Who We Are
Portside is an International group of companies established in Switzerland operating as Ships Agency Ghana (Port Tema) specialists.
Meet the Team
Bas de Vaal
Group Director
Bas has a strong connection with West Africa. He first arrived in Lagos as a very small child and spent his formative years living in Nigeria. His love for the West Africa lifestyle means he is always the first to put his hand up to spend time in his beloved second home. In his role as Director of Portside, Bas now shares his time between The Netherlands and Ghana.

Bas understands the definition of hard work having worked summer jobs on fishing boats and appreciates the relative comfort of his more traditional office role at Portside. His time spent on fishing boats endowed him with a strong understanding of pelagic fish, his industry specialty being reefer cargoes.

Professionally, Bas has worked in the shipping industry for over 7 years and has plenty of experience in the West African shipping market. As an entrepreneurial senior executive, Bas displays proven leadership through his management of diverse teams and ability to easily handle cross-functional communications alongside his ability to motivate and provide strategic vision to Portside.
Sabine Trabys
Finance Director
Sabine has a strong connection with West Africa. She first arrived in Ghana in the year of 1998, moving to Nigeria in the year of 2000. Sabine is infected with the ‘African virus’ since she started working in the Shipping Industry in 1992. In her present role as Finance Director of Portside, Sabine now shares her time between The Netherlands and Ghana. Sabine is highly committed to the company and passionate in her work. She considers all employees as family and would run the last meter to make a client happy. Professionally, Sabine worked in serval industries as Financial Manager, Controller and Finance Director. Further on she has more than 18 year’s of experience in the Shipping Industries and lived in West Africa for over 8 years, while being away from her home country for 20 years. Having all this extensive experience Sabine is the ideal professional to work cross-cultural. As a financial senior executive, Sabine displays proven leadership through the management of diverse teams in different regions of the world.