Transporting 1600 km of cables for Subsea and tremendous tires for the mining industry
  • May 7, 2018
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Transporting 1600 km of cables for Subsea and tremendous tires for the mining industry

This month, Portside International was asked to transport freight of various capacity. We transported 1600 km of cables from the bottom of the sea into containers. We also shipped tires of for the mining industry from the port of Tema. These challenging cases show the various transportation services and possibilities that Portside offers.

Transportation of cables in containers

A couple of weeks ago we received a call: a vessel that fishes out used cables from the bottom of the sea needed our port services. New cables are being laid, so old ones become redundant. Our customer, Subsea, found a way to retrieve these old cables ensuring they are safely removed from the seabed. Then all the old cables are being recycled so they can not harm to the environment. Subsea found Tema to be the best port to transport these cables into containers.

We thought of a solution to transport the cables and obtained assistance from the Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority (GPHA), since they have a stevedoring experience on how we could handle this cargo in the port of Tema. We also received assistance from Holland Cargo Terminal Amsterdam (HCT) as they already had experience with the discharge of these cables. Together we got the job done.

The vessel arrived with about 1600 km of coax cables, which subsequently were cut on the quay and directly stuffed into 40ft containers. We managed to load 15 containers per day, and loaded 72 containers in total. Choosing Tema proved to be the right decision as we finished the discharge within the set time frame, and that allowed  the vessel to quickly go back to sea to continue fishing.


Freight forwarding: tires for mining equipment

Portside was asked to transport huge truck tires for the mining industry. It was a challenge for us to distribute these tires, since they are tremendous. Nevertheless, Portside got the job done. We first picked them up at the mine site and then moved them to our yard where we safely discharged the tires. After we received them, we temporarily stored them in our yard. After confirmation we loaded them safely onto an open top container and transported the tires to the port of Tema. There we loaded them on a vessel. The tires were then shipped to their final destination.  

How to contact us

The cases above show that Portside is able to transport freight of variable extent. We will think of and give advice about the best possible solution for the transportation. Is your company interested in our shipping or forwarding service? Feel free to contact our office in Tema, Ghana at; or our office in Leiden, The Netherlands at;