The import clearance process
  • May 14, 2015
  • Guide

The import clearance process




Shipping Agents

Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority

Customs House Agents

Destination Inspection Companies (DICs)

Receipts /Delivery Service providers


Documents needed

Original bill of lading (B/L)

Attested invoice

Import declaration form (IDF)

Final classification and valuation report (FCVR)

Tax clearance certificate (TCC)

Tax payers Identification (TIN) number

Delivery order


After securing the above documents, the Customs House Agent (Clearing Agent) will do the following:

  • Send the above documents to a Destination Inspection Company (DIC) depending on the country of origin for Final Classification Valuation Report (FCVR) to be issued.
  • Send a declaration electronically through the GC-NET to the Ghana Customs Management Systems (GCMS).
  • Customs validates the declaration by stating the duties and taxes to be paid at the Bank (ECOBANK or Ghana Commercial Bank).
  • Send bank receipt, bill of lading, attested invoice, IDF and FVCR to a designated customs officer for verification.
  • Get Release from Shipping Line by submitting -Original Bill of Lading, Bank Receipt, Customs Declaration (hard copy), and/or Delivery Order (relevant information typed on it by Clearing Agents) and paying administrative charges and demurrage, (where applicable).
  • Submit the released D.0 (stamped and endorsed) and customs declaration (hard copy) to the Receipt/Delivery Service provider/ port/ SCL and pay handling charges, rent, unstuffing and reshuffling charges (where applicable) for Cash Delivery Invoice (CDI) to be issued.
  • Proceed to the delivery bay for cargo to be located and positioned for customs physical inspection or go for scanning.
  • Customs officer would release the cargo on the declaration (hard copy) and electronically send via the GC-Net to the GCMS that the cargo is released.
  • Delivery Tally Sheet or waybill would be issued by Port /SCL to enable the cargo to be loaded onto a truck and exit the port.
  • Present all clearing documents to Customs at the exit gate and copies of waybill (DTS) to GPHA Security and Police detailed at the gate to inspect and allow exit as appropriate.