Ghana port statistics
  • May 6, 2015
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Ghana port statistics

The Ghana shipper’s authority publishes a quarterly magazine, called Shipping Review. In the most recent issue the last quarter of 2011 has been reviewed.

In the third quarter a total output at the seaports of Ghana amounts to over 4.30 million tons, import amounting to of 75% of the total.

80% of all cargo was handled via the port of Tema, mainly as liner businesses have the largest sum of all imports. Compared to last year there has been a 43 % increase in liner traffic. This is also a major concern due to congestion as described in my previous blog.

Most of the cargo originates from the Far East, then followed by the Northern continents. Majority of the cargo carried are pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, lubricating oil, processed food and beverages.

Ghana is also used a for transit trade for neighbouring and landlocked countries. You can conclude Ghana is the main Hub for Burkina Faso, followed by Benin.

Ghana is becoming a very popular destination, which is confirmed by the rises in cargo volumes to both ports in Ghana.