Changes to visas to Ghana
  • May 6, 2015
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Changes to visas to Ghana

Important changes have been made to visa regulations affecting crew embanking and disembarking in Ghana.

Portside would like to make all staff and crew members, as well as the public, aware that the following changes have now taken place.

  1. Visa on arrival will not be issued at the airport for crew members.
  2. The agent must send a visa application to Immigration for approval.
  3. Without the approval crew cannot enter Ghana.
  4. For any crew change you must submit scanned copies of the crew’s passport and flight details together with your request for changes.
  5. When the approval has been granted, a copy of it will be sent to you.
  6. Transit visas now cost US$50.00.

Documents required for application

  1. Transit Visa Application Letter
  2. Company’s Code
  3. Certificates to Commence Business
  4. Certificate of Incorporation
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate
  6. Signed photocopies of bio-data page of passport of the crew/visitor