Portside visits Breakbulk Europe and welcomes Michel Eggen as Portside’s new Managing Director in Ghana
  • June 19, 2018
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Portside visits Breakbulk Europe and welcomes Michel Eggen as Portside’s new Managing Director in Ghana

Last month Portside visited Breakbulk Europe in Bremen, Germany to connect with new and existing clients and partners. Furthermore, Portside is glad to announce Michel Eggen as our new Managing Director in Ghana, starting the first of July.

Successful visit to Breakbulk Europe

From the 29th to the 31st of May, Portside visited Breakbulk Europe in Bremen. Also this year the event proofed very successful. The kick off was a networking event on Tuesday night at the Bremer Marktplatz. During Breakbulk Bas connected with various new clients as well as Portside’s existing clients, such as such as NMT Lines, Breadbox and Forestwave. Wednesday evening we had a very entertaining dinner with SDW Shipping; a shipping agency operating between Europe and South-America. Furthermore, Breakbulk was a  great opportunity to introduce the new Managing Director of the office in Ghana.

Welcoming Michel as the new Managing Director

As of next month Michel Eggen is Portside’s new Managing Director in Ghana. He will work together with Bas this month and from the first of July, he will be responsible for leading the Ghana activities. Michel will focus on business development, finding new markets and products, as well as further improving the day-to-day operations. Please join us in wishing Michel all the best in his new position; we are convinced that he will add another layer of success to our quality of service. Feel free to reach out to Michel by phone +233 (0) 572 622 400, or email m.eggen@portside.ch.

Annual maintenance washing stations

In May, a team from Van Den Bosch visited the Portside office in Tema to conduct the annual maintenance of the washing station. It is now fully serviced and prepared for another successful year of washing tanks.

Presenting our new client Redavia

Portside International continuously engages with new clients and in this context we proudly present our new collaboration with REDAVIA. Redavia provides rental solar farms to businesses and communities in West and East Africa. Portside will be responsible for the logistic processes making sure that the finished solar farms make it to their final destination in timely fashion!

Are you also interested in our shipping, forwarding and other logistics services? Feel free to contact our Tema office, Ghana at ghana@portside.ch, and our Leiden office, The Netherlands at info@portside.ch for further inquiries.