Portside part of maritime trade mission to Ivory Coast
  • February 2, 2015
  • Industry

Portside part of maritime trade mission to Ivory Coast

In February 2015 Portside will be part of a delegation of Dutch companies in the maritime and logistics sector to visit Abidjan and San Pedro in Ivory Coast. The aim is to identify potential partnerships between the Netherlands and Ivory Coast in the maritime infrastructure and logistics sector.

The delegation is made up of companies from the Port Development Partnership and Amports, as well as government representatives from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands accredited to Ivory Coast (based in Accra, Ghana). The Port Development Partnership (PDP) is a collaboration of Dutch companies and knowledge institutes who aim to contribute to the further development of Africa’s main ports. In addition, Amports represents the port region of Amsterdam.

Portside look forward to the opportunity to meet important stakeholders, network with potential future business partners and obtain in-depth knowledge and information on sustainable port development in the region. Furthermore, we trust that this mission will be successful in offering a glimpse of the contributions the Dutch port and logistics sectors can make to the further development of West Africa’s main ports.

See the Netherlands-African Business Council’s website for more information.