Portside can manage the application for Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) to Ghana
  • July 2, 2018
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Portside can manage the application for Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) to Ghana

From the beginning of this month, all shipments to Ghana (transit cargo included) are required to obtain a validated Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) number as instructed by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Ministry of Finance. Each Bill of Lading and Cargo Manifest must be covered by a valid CTN number. Portside International can provide a valid CTN number on request if your company is shipping to Ghana.

Good to know about the CTN to Ghana

The CTN is an official loading certificate number which confirms detailed information about the cargo and its movement between ports. The CTN number serves as a Risk Assessment Engine which allows Customs and other authorities to effectively control, supervise and manage import traffic. The CTN number is mandatory for both limited and substantial cargo. Without the unique number, the clearing of cargo at the ports in Ghana will not be possible and penalties may apply.

Get a validated CTN number at Portside

As the process of applying for a CTN number is acute, Portside offers the possibility to provide an unique CTN number for shippers, exporters and forwarders. We have experience with the application for the Cargo Tracking Notes number, so we can manage this process if you are shipping to Ghana. After your request, we will first enlist the shipment for pre-validation. Once the Bill of Lading is issued, we will validate the CTN by inserting the Bill of Lading number and date. The process from pre-validation to validation must be done within seven calendar days. To apply for a CTN number, we need the following documents:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Customs Export Declaration at Port of Origin
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading (we need a number, date and a copy)
  • Freight invoice

With these documents Portside will manage your application for a CTN number for your shipment to Ghana.

What more Portside has to offer

Besides our service to provide a CTN number for shipments to Ghana, we also offer various port services. This includes warehousing, freight forwarding and transport logistics, vessel loading and discharging of bulk cargoes. Is your company interested in our port services or in receiving a CTN number for its shipment? Please feel free to contact our Tema office, Ghana at ghana@portside.ch and our Leiden office, The Netherlands at info@portside.ch for further inquiries.