New year, new opportunities for Ghana-based Portside
  • January 24, 2017
  • Portside News

New year, new opportunities for Ghana-based Portside

On behalf of the Portside crew, we wish you and your family a prosperous 2017. We hope we can support you again this year with warehousing, transport logistics, vessel loading or any other port service. For us, the year has started off with a lot of great projects and working agreements. We will give you an insight of a few running projects and notable events.


Cooperation with NileDutch
NileDutch has started calling Tema again, and on the first port call to Tema, NileDutch positioned 61 tanks to Ghana to ensure that there is enough equipment available for the export of liquid bulk products. Meanwhile we have also started storing Niledutch containers at MTG. We are very proud to welcome them again as a customer.

Exporting cocoa butter on a Large scale
In 2017, we will be exporting a larger amount of bulk liquid products. On of the products is Cocoa butter. The cocoa butter will be shipped from Ghana to Europe. We are very excited to be working with Van den Bosch on this. They have close ties with the cocoa industry and we will be washing their tanks according to international standards.

Monthly shipping of vehicles
Hundreds of cars, trucks and earth moving equipment will arrive in the Tema Harbour monthly. We are handling the vessels of NMT, ensuring a quick turnaround time in the Port. NMT Shipping operates a large fleet of modern and technically advanced vessels to move the cargo between Belgium and Tema in a direct service of only 12 days. When the ship enters the port of Tema, we unload the vessel and arrange for safe storage in the port. The transportation service is available for everyone. If you need more information, please contact our Portside location in Tema at: +233 (0) 572 622 400.

Employee of the Year 2016
Our valued colleague Mr. Woode won the title ‘Employee of the Year 2016’. Due to his commitment and strong work ethic he was rewarded with this title. Managing Director of Portside Bas de Vaal handed over his price at the Tema office of Portside.