New market opportunities for exporting palm oil from Ghana
  • April 3, 2017
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New market opportunities for exporting palm oil from Ghana

This month, Managing Director of Portside Bas de Vaal and Ton Bothof, Managing Director of Van den Bosch DMCC visited Ghana Oil Palm Development Company Limited (GOPDC): a sustainable palm oil producing company at Kwae. Kwae is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. GOPDC is an agro-industrial company and has a total concession of 14000 ha. Currently, the majority of the palm oil produced in Ghana is being sold and used locally. This provides both foreign buyers and resellers many opportunities in the Ghana palm oil market.


Unlike Malaysia and Indonesia, the palm oil industry in Africa is a frontier market. The majority of Africa’s palm oil production is being sold and used locally. The plantations provide a lot of employment opportunities for local residents and they also have an economic benefit. When improving and expanding the export of palm oil products to countries like China, Malaysia, India, Singapore and the Netherlands, the industry can become an important foreign exchange earner for Ghana.

Since Portside Group exports palm oil for its clients, Managing Director Bas de Vaal decided to visit one of the plantations in Ghana. He visited the Kwae plantation together with Ton Bothof, Managing Director of Van den Bosch DMCC in Dubai. Van den Bosch DMCC is specialized in shipping liquid bulk products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and is an important partner of Portside on the Ghanaian market. To learn more about the manufacturing of the products, they visited the Kwae plantation. This is a 14000 ha plantation with a factory in the centre of the terrain. The company has its own village where employees of the plantation live, together with their families.


GOPDC Sustainable Palm Oil
Ghana Oil Palm Development Company Limited (GOPDC) is an integrated agro-industrial company. GOPDC is specialized in the cultivation of oil palm, extraction of crude palm oil and palm kernel oil. The company also produces refined specialty oils for the food industry.

Employees and their families are very pleased with the company. Because of GOPDC, the residents have income, clean drinking water, schools for their kids and a small hospital. Everything has been taken care of. The village even is self-sufficient. The mill in the factory generates energy for the whole village. Due to the mill, citizens have free electricity. GOPDC works towards continuous improvement of the palm oil industry by producing sustainable palm oil. Sustainable palm oil plantations is beneficial for both the local community, the environment and the industry.

Enter new markets with Portside
Africa’s government tries to improve the export of palm oil products. The government stimulates locale farmers to produce and export their products. By doing so, the African sustainable palm oil industry can grow from being a frontier market to becoming a mature market. Portside is located in Tema, Ghana and is familiar with the local farmers and their plantations. Together with Portside and her logistic Partner Van den Bosch, operating a fleet of a.o. ISO tanks, you can enter new markets. Whether you want to export or resell palm oil products, Portside will make sure your cargo successfully arrives at its destination, through sea transport.

For inquiries you can contact Portside’s location at Tema, Ghana at, contact our office in Leiden, The Netherlands at or contact Van den Bosch DMCC in Dubai via