Media Kit

Media Kit

Our Company Profile

Portside is an international shipping agent and logistic company delivering freight forwarding services and solutions for importing and exporting in Africa. Established in Switzerland as a leading international group of companies, we operate as Ships Agency Ghana (Port Tema) experts.

We are specialists in various disciplines of the shipping industry, ranging from vessel agency to clearing and forwarding, and from oil and gas logistics to liner and yard operations. M.T.G. (Multi-Purpose Terminals) is a subsidiary of Portside providing container terminal services the port of Tema.


Fruitweg 24I
2321GK Leiden
P +31 71 361 8052

Plot # IND/A/3/A,
Fishing Harbour
P +233 (0) 572 622 400

Chemin des Baules 8
1268 Begnins
P +41225662192

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Portside’s Guide to Tema Port

Tema Port is the bigger of two seaports of Ghana, handling 80 per cent of the country’s national exports and imports. The harbour is situated along the Gulf of Guinea, 18 miles from the capital Accra, and it serves both as a loading and unloading port for goods, both for Ghana and the land-locked countries to the north.

Below, we’ve provided a guide to Tema Port that includes technical specifications, information on entry to the port, important contacts, required boarding documents, supplies, nearby ports and plenty more. You can view the live version of this information here.

Click here to download a comprehensive guide To Tema Port

Our Staff Bio’s

Bas de Vaal

Group Director

Bas has worked in the shipping industry for over 7 years and has plenty of experience in the West African shipping market. As an entrepreneurial senior executive, Bas displays proven leadership through his management of diverse teams and ability to easily handle cross-functional communications alongside his ability to motivate and provide strategic vision to Portside.
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Rob Mayor

Managing Director Ghana

Rob is the group Managing Director of our three Ghana companies – Ports Marine Limited, Multi-Purpose Terminals Ghana Limited (MTG) and Mobilift Ghana Limited. Hailing from Liverpool, Rob boasts vast West African experience (11 years in Nigeria & 4 years in Ghana). Working in this difficult and unpredictable part of the world, Rob has faced unique challenges, which have made him ideal for heading up our West African operations.
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Robert Uljee

Clearing & Forwarding Manager

Robert has been in the international forwarding and shipping industry for more than 25 years. Robert cultivates opportunities for business growth and thrives on challenges, viewing them as an invitation to problem solve. He is also committed to assisting clients/principals and partners/agents worldwide with their unique needs by providing comprehensive, value-added freight forwarding and shipping solutions alongside his professional, personal service. As Robert says, at Portside we still write SERVICE with capital letters.
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