Growing business between Europe and Africa noticeable at Tema harbour
  • August 30, 2017
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Growing business between Europe and Africa noticeable at Tema harbour

Monthly arrival of Clover Ace in Tema harbour
Last week, pure car carrier Clover Ace arrived at the Tema port. The Clover Ace measures 200 meters in length and approximately 12 stories in height and carries rolling equipment such as cars, excavators and trucks. The Clover Ace is deployed on the NMT monthly transit service, which connects Europe with Africa via Tema Port. This monthly transit not only represents the growing business between Ghana and the rest of the world, but also impacts the local economy in Tema. Once the vessel arrives in Tema, Portside Group keeps cargo flowing efficiently by discharging the vessel quickly and delivering the rolling equipment to its customers. Companies or individuals interested in this service can contact Portside Group in Tema, Ghana at

Reminiscing at 1985-built Tokachi Frost
Portside Group unloaded 600 tonnes of frozen fish this week, ordered by a local importer in Tema. The cargo was shipped by 1985-built reefer vessel Tokachi Frost, managed by Alpha Reefer Transport. The relationship between Portside Group and Alpha Reefer Transport dates back to the 80’s, with Bas de Vaal’s father in Nigeria and Alpha Reefer Transport being one of his first reefer clients. Bas de Vaal, Managing Director of Portside Group: ‘Servicing them again and standing on the Tokachi Frost brought back a lot of good memories’.

Portside Group visiting Ghananuts
As agents for Van den Bosch, we load quite a few tanks for Ghananuts. Ghananuts was one of pioneers in the sheabutter. They have a large network of nut pickers brining all the nuts to their factory in Techiman. There the nuts are crushed to butter. They have also pioneered in introducing solvent extraction processing. Together with Ton Bothof Managing Director of Van den Bosch Dubai, we visited their facilities and met up with CEO of Ghana nuts, Mr. Asante. It was a very fruitful meeting and we hope to serve them for many years to come in providing logistics services.

If you wish to learn more about our services, please contact us at our location in Tema, Ghana at or contact our office in Leiden, The Netherlands at