Great industry opportunities at Breakbulk Africa 2015 congress
  • February 9, 2015
  • Industry

Great industry opportunities at Breakbulk Africa 2015 congress

Portside will be taking part in the Breakbulk Africa 2015 congress in Johannesburg, South Africa 16-19 February. The congress features networking opportunities, professional executive presentations, and focused classes.

We look forward to the opportunities the congress presents to build stronger business relationships, discover new business opportunities, learn about in-depth, on-target business intelligence and take advantage of a range of educational opportunities over three days.


Bas de Vaal, Portside, and Jim Huntley, Bennett International Group

Portside would encourage any company in the international logistics industry to partake in the congress. African growth, expected to average 6 per cent in 2015, has been fuelled by a growing domestic demand, infrastructure development and an increase in continental trade. For the logistics industry this means that the importance of building strong ties with the African market cannot be emphasised enough.

As Africa continues to grow and place itself squarely in the middle of the global value chain, now is the time to assess opportunities and risks for the breakbulk and project cargo transportation industry.

If you’re a company in the shipping/logistics sector and would like to partake, register your interest on Breakbulk’s site.