Fish And Tema Congestion
  • August 5, 2013
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Fish And Tema Congestion

A lot has happened since we last posted news on the website. Portside have become active (again) in the discharge of frozen fish for various receivers. Greensea is offering a new concept offering liner out in the port of Tema, which means discharge is now performed by the line instead of the receiver. It is a great advantage that we handle the vessel, from arrival to loading on to truck, so that the receiver can focus on selling fish.

Our yard MTG, has been developing reefer services, and is now also selling 40ft HQ reefers. If you are looking for a reefer container please send a message to

The congestion at the port was durable in the beginning of the year. However, they are upgrading a berth and therefore the congestion has flung up. Waiting time for a week is becoming normal. We will do our best to minimize waiting time at anchorage, however even dedicated container vessels and ro/ro, that have priority, are experiencing waiting times.