You can trust Portside for sending your valuable art
  • January 23, 2015
  • Case Study

You can trust Portside for sending your valuable art

As international freight forwarders we help ship thousands of tons of goods from all over the world every year, making sure they reach their final destination safely. While there are no real limits to what we can ship, different types of goods create different challenges to freighters.

Portside were recently trusted with shipping two valuable paintings from New York to Holland. For freighters, shipping art – especially highly valued art – poses different challenges than most other types of goods. Not only are works of art often fragile, but the more valuable they are, the more of a target they become for thieves.

As freighters we always make the safety of our clients’ goods our top priority. That means following strict safety protocols in ports, at airports and on the road and only collaborating with companies placing the same emphasis on safety as we do.

In the case of the two paintings in the image below, the shipping process started with our staff packing them carefully into wooden crates before transporting them to the airport. On arrival in Holland we had staff on the ground receiving the goods and transporting it to the customers doorstep. Safe and just in time for Christmas.