$1.5 billion expansion of Port Tema in 2015
  • November 24, 2014
  • Ghana Insights

$1.5 billion expansion of Port Tema in 2015


Portside are happy to announce that a US$ 1.5 billion expansion of Port Tema, Ghana, is expected to begin in 2015. The project will see the port updated with new infrastructure such as breakwater, quay wall, terminals and dredging.

Mr Richard Anamoo, Director-General of Ghana Ports And Harbours Authority (GPHA), said at a press conference that the expansion would enable the port to accommodate more vessels at the berths, with a targeted length of 450 metres and a weight of 50 metres, according to Spy Ghana News.

In addition to providing an estimated 5000 jobs and a boost for the local economy, the port will soon feature superior infrastructure and advanced technology enabling the serving of larger and deeper vessels. As an agency operating at Tema, Portside are welcoming the expansion and look forward to seeing the project realised over the coming year.